The Minibot is one of my latest creations.  I wanted a smaller platform that would be more portable than either the Palmbot or the Sonarbot.  I had a oopic R controller board that I purchased long ago but never used and decided that I could use it along with various parts I had lying around to construct the MiniBot.  The motive power is two continuous rotation servos driven directly from the oopic board.  There is one sharp ir sensor upfront and provisions for sonar also.  I wanted to keep it simple as possible so I can learn the oopic programing language.  It has gone through several variations and it looks quite a bit different today. It started out with a tamiya gearbox drive system but was too noisy so switched to the servos.

Top view showing layout of the board and batteries directly underneath.  Only the servos are hooked up at this point.

I drafted the chassis on the computer using Ashlar Graphite and cut it out on the Laser cutter.  I made several variations of each so ended up with about twenty pieces total.

One of the mid levels cut out-nice and clean!