Welcome to my robotics site, first a little about myself, I am a product designer and educator.  As a product designer I have had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects including concept automobiles, electric vehicles, medical equipment, exhibit design, wearable computers and toys. Although I am a certifiable car nut and lover of cutting edge technology, my favorite projects are toys.  I love creating toys that might become a child's treasured object,  I look back on my favorite toys that I had as a kid and can clearly see how they allowed me to develop my imagination.  My goal is to give today's kids the opportunity to learn how things work and make working robots!  My partner Anne Mayoral and I developed the ArtBots to implement this goal.  Many times it is the first time the girl or boy has actually constructed something that actually works!  The pride on the young makers face is priceless and the successful completion of the working bot instills confidence which is needed to encourage further engagement.  I feel that this encouragement is missing in so many of today's toys and games.  We have created several generations of kids that can turn on and off toys, have excellent hand eye coordination but lack in the knowledge and even the curiosity of how stuff works.

I reside in San Francisco and spend my free time tinkering with British cars, old motorcycles, RC gliders and building various robotic creatures.  I Work At the CITRIS Invention Lab at UC Berkeley and teach at the Academy of Art University in the Industrial Design Department.  I also run a robotics class for seven to nine year olds called ArtBots.

You can contact me here!