I finally have my own toy company! (yes, only one product at the moment but more are coming).

A few pics of the production Bot.

Older Toys

This is a robot I did back in 2001 as a proof of concept prototype.  It basically was a R/C controlled bot with a gripper claw on it.  Kids could drive it around and pick stuff up.  It also had a camera on board for remote viewing and other attachments that could be added depending on what the "mission" required.
It made it into production as the Spy Robot from Wildplanet Toys. There is a photo of the production version below.

And here's a shot from Wired magazine of the production model.

The camera did not make it on the production version as it was too expensive but it was incorporated into the Spy Video Car:

Some more of my personal projects...

Me and my "Mega Manta" electric flying wing. Six foot wingspan and very heavy with its huge nicad pack. Great in strong winds, flys rock steady.

Photo of my version of the "wally wing" slope soaring near Pacifica CA. Great plane for light lift conditions. I made inter-changable flight pods to convert it to electric flight and also a rocket pod that uses estes type engines to launch it straight up. Have been flying it for over two years, it is one of my most durable planes. It is built from a toy foam glider from Walmart. For info on how to build your own and many other inexpensive RC craft check out:    http://www.acesim.com/rc/wallywing.html

This is a blaster that I built for  Halloween.   I was walking my dog, thinking about how to construct a cool looking device and low and behold there was a squirtgun sticking out of a garbage can.  I used that as the handle and the base onto which I glued various left over and scrap bits from my collection of laser cut parts.  There is a led sequencer buried in the barrel that makes a cool effect when it is turned on.
Most of the parts I glued on I shot it with flat black paint and then finished up with silver and a top coat of gun metal paint for weathering.